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What I Want for Christmas…the Writer's Edition

This is the time of year when I stress about what to give my friends and loved ones. I agonize over purchasing the PERFECT gift. We've all been there, especially when some are easier to shop for than others...

But if there is a writer in your life, here are some cool ideas you may want to consider this holiday season.

1. Moleskine notebooks. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and paper (ruled, squared, story board, blank). I've used them for years and I haven't found anything better. My awesome brother-in-law got me a few for Christmas last year and I was so grateful (I had run out of my supply). They also offer agendas which are great for jotting down those deadlines!


2. A Good Pen. How about a nice writing instrument to go with that Moleskin notebook? Now, I'm assuming not everyone can (or wants to) shell out $350+ for a pen, but a nice pen is still within reach of any budget. My weapon of choice is a Waterman pen with a Montblanc fineliner refill (modified to fit the pen) and colored fine point Sharpies.

3. Scrivener. If you missed the Black Friday deal, no worries. At $45, this writing program is still a BARGAIN! It is available for both PC and Mac users. I honestly don't know what I'd do if I had to write my books in Word. My mom send me an iTunes giftcard one year and that's what I got! Best gift ever!!


4. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King. If the writer in your life doesn't already have this on their bookshelf, it needs to be. Simply one of the best books on the craft.


. ...and while you're at it, you might as well pick up a copy of The Elements of Style (the pic is of the illustrated version which I don't and must have...okay, just ordered it)!


5. Bookplates. You remember bookplates, right? We used them to personalize our books so that if we dared part with them they would be rightfully returned. The bibiliophile in your life will appreciate these!


I am obessed with Felix Doolittle's artwork (dozens to choose from). If you don't like the big bookplates, he also has a line of small medallions.


There you have it! Five great ideas to give the writer in your life. Not only will they be appreciative, they will thank you later for the thoughfulness you put into their gift!

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