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10 Things You Didn't Know About Claudia

1. I am bilingual. I grew up in a English/Spanish speaking home (more like Spanglish). There are still a lot of words I don't say in English because it sounds so much better in Spanish--needless to say my husband has expanded his vocabulary.

2. I grew up several miles from the US/Mexican border and several miles from South Padre Island. It was like living in a vacation destination all year round. Looking back, I now realize it was one of the best places to grow up.

3. Like some of my characters in Destined for Trouble, I am a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. I am still an active alumna, serving as one of the advisors for the chapter at James Madison University and as an officer for our local alumnae chapter.

photo copy 2.JPG

With one of my sisters at Mallard Ball this past weekend. I always have fun "chaperoning" this event (yes, it was camo attire).

4. I love and wear a lot of Lilly. I worked part-time at Lilly Pulitzer for a year (it kept me from getting cabin fever working from home most of the week). If you wondered where I got the inspiration or if the shop scenes in DfT were true...

Edited Image 2014-10-25-16:55:2

In front of the Lilly Jeep at Tysons Galleria (2014).

5. I collect Christmas ornaments. Anytime I travel, I purchase an ornament as a souvenir. My family is now in the practice of buying them for me when they go on their own travels (it's an inexpensive gift for them, but I treasure them dearly)!

6. Vintage pieces are an obsession of mine, everything from jewelry to furniture. I could easily turn my home into an antique shop. This is not good for my bank account.

7. My husband and I got married in Las Vegas. We didn't want the hassle of planning a wedding in TX or VA, so we decided on a destination wedding. We got married in one of the Bellagio chapels, accompanied by almost 100 guests. We will celebrate our 5 year anniversary this month!


Our rehersal dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe.

8. My dear husband has never read any of my books. He is an executive chef and he makes up for not reading my works by giving me insight on all of the delicious dishes you read about in my books.


Here we are at the Haute Cusine event for Fall for the Book (2013). He made a huge batch of gumbo in honor of Darkly Beings. (Photo Credit: Jan Rayl)

9. I suffer from a neurological condition known as misophonia (or 4S). It's a daily struggle when out in public and it's a condition that few people understand.

10. We are childless by choice. We like kids, we just don't think we're parent material. Instead we have three dogs: a pug named Gus (the sneaky one), and chocolate lab sisters Gertie (the princess) and Bella (the mellow one). We did not name Bella...if we had, she would have been Greta.

photo copy 4.JPG

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