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The Evolution of Writing

I'm on my third round of edits/revisions for my newest book, Destined for Trouble, before I pass it on for final edits this week.* And because I work from home, I have the luxury of never having to stay in the same spot. Just as my characters change and evolve, so does my writing locale.


I start my day at my cozy writing spot. I love my home office and spend most of my time sitting in my ($20 second hand) banker's chair. Okay, that's a lie. I begin my day in bed for a full hour after I wake up (or until Gertie starts throwing tantrums) while I catch up on emails and FB on my iPad.

photo copy.JPG

I can get a lot done of writing/editing done at my desk if all three minions are napping. Unfortunatley for me, Gertie (right) demands a lot of attention. At this point I normally switch gears and move on to another location for a few hours.

photo copy 2.JPG

So when the kids get on my nerves and I tire of playing fetch, I turn to Plan B: the coffee shop. The folks over at Grounds Central Station are awesome. They always ask about my writing, support local authors, and let me camp out there several days a week.

photo copy 3.JPG

Sometimes I like a change of scenery, so some days I can be found at Starbucks on Sudley, otherwise known as Plan C. The baristas there all know my favorite poison: Venti Mocha. Unfortunatley, some of the customers can get annoying and moms like to bring their kids there for playdates. Time to move on...

photo copy 4.JPG

Once I've exhausted all my writing haunts, it's on to Plan D: my couch (where I am now). I always have Buffy on (thank you, Netflix) and pray the pups get tired of licking me long enough for me to edit that last paragraph.

* You know I'm in editing mode when I start to procrastinate and write a post about absolutely nothing.

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