Switching Genres?

Yes, this is my bookcase. Plenty of fodder for my upcoming book.

As many of y'all have noticed, I will be releasing my fifth book this summer. But a cozy mystery? Up to this point I've written primarily YA paranormal, so what gives?

When I set out to write full-time, I always thought I would write mysteries. Not super suspenseful thrillers mind you, but fun mysteries with a touch of quirk and romance. However, when it came right down to it, I found it difficult. After almost a decade of working in the criminal justice field, I drew a big fat blank...so I wrote what came natrually. In this case, teens, magic, time travel, and paranormal forces.

After a few years a story emerged for my much anticipated mystery. I finally had the right character to showcase my experience in the field. And what experience do I have exactly? Well, I have two graduate degrees: forensic psychology and criminal justice. I spent most of my professional career working for both federal and local law enforcement agencies. Oh, and I also teach criminal justice part-time as an adjunct professor. Not that one needs a background in crime to pen a cozy mystery of course, but it sure doesn't hurt!

Perhaps I was still too close to all the cases I worked on over the years and needed a break, or maybe I just wasn't ready to write about murder and mayhem at the time. Whatever the reason, things just finally clicked. Now, it just feels right.


Destined for Trouble will be out this August!

So while I have not abandoned my love for all things paranormal, horror, or sci-fi, and still feel very much like a young adult versus an almost-forty-something adult, be prepared to see more of my newest character, Jules Cannon. I hope y'all will enjoy this character as much as I've enjoyed spending time with her!

Here's the unofficial blurb: After being dumped by her boyfriend of two years, FBI crime analyst Jules Cannon decides to take a much needed vacation and heads to Trouble Island. All Jules wants to do is relax, forget about her failed relationship, and work on her tan. But when a local restaurant owner is found murdered and her best friend becomes the prime suspect, the only thing Jules is destined for is trouble.

And as a side note: I am well underway on book 4 of the Travelers Series!

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