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How a Writer's Mind Works

Yesterday, my chocolate lab Gertie went crazy on me. She didn't want to play fetch, she didn't want ice (her favorite snack), she didn't want anything...but my attention. Even though she's still not quite 2 years old, she's never behaved this way before. Gertie ran in circles, barked, and basically, in a nutshell, was trying desperately to tell me something.

After about half and hour of craziness, I narrowed it down to four things (in this order):

1. Earthquake (we had one a couple years ago)

2. Zombie apocalypse (yes, for a brief second, I really believed it)

3. Any apocalypse (natural or technological)

4. Impending storm

Well, we did have some storms, but I never could figure out the cause of Gertie's anxiety. Perhaps, just maybe, we had a tiny earthquake only she could sense. Or I just have a very active imagination.

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