The Fate of Parameter

I did a similar post a few months back on my old website/blog and thought the subject needed to be revisited again.

I have recieved numerous emails from fans (thank you for your emails!) wondering when the fourth book in the Travelers Series will be published.

As of right now, I am still working on writing the rough draft for Parameter (#4). It has taken me longer than anticipated as I want to make sure the story is right. I would rather delay the publication of Parameter than to publish something that is mediocre. Etta and Cooper's story is dear to my heart and I would be doing a disservice to them, as well as my readers if I don't get it right :)

That being said, I REALLY hope to have Parameter released at some point. Currently, I am working on other projects, but I haven't forgotten about the Travelers Series, so thank you for being patient!!

In the meantime, please continue to email me! And if you include your mailing address, I will send you some signed bookmarks!

#travelersseries #parameter

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