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Cougar Town, Travelers, Connection?

Did any of y'all watch this weeks episode (2/25) of Cougar Town? In this episode, Ellie has apparently written a young adult novel called Travelers! I literally jumped out of my seat! Okay, what I actually did was yell to my husband, "Oh my God! It's just like my series!" Then I commenced to jump and down on the couch. But fortunately, other than the fact that it's a young adult book about time travel, with the same title as my series, that's where the similarities ended. It's still pretty cool though.

And while I enjoy watching the quirky antics of Jules every week, I feel a total kinship with Ellie...a wise-crackin', sarcastic, condescending, know-it-all. There are some days (fine, most days) when I feel just like Ellie.

But back to the point: young adult, travelers, time travel...coincidence?

#cougartown #elliesnovel #travelers

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