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in a nutshell...


I'm a walking contradiction: I prefer horror movies over romantic chick flicks (even though Sixteen Candles is still the best movie ever made). Anything by Duran Duran is my ultimate jam, but I am a loyal and forever fan of The Highwaymen: Cash, Jennings, Nelson, Kristofferson. 


I'm a complete TV junkie...some of my favorite shows are Buffy, Fringe, Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story, and Bones. When I'm not writing, reading, or glued to the tube, I'm a part-time criminal justice professor at the local community college.


I love gardening and lazy days on the beach. Depending on my mood, I can't decide if I'd rather live in a small cottage in the mountains or in a little bungalow near the water. There are days I try to act professional, while other days I find just being myself is much more fun.

the (somewhat) professional version...


Claudia Lefeve was born and raised so far down the Texas Gulf Coast she has to pull out a map to show people it's nowhere near Houston. Now living in Northern Virginia, she is taking a hiatus from a civilian career in law enforcement to write full-time. She lives with her husband and three dogs.



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